I’m not a science guy…

November 22nd, 2011 |

I’m not a science guy. I am no Bill Nye. I never paid attention to Science in school (except when it came to learning ways to blow things up) and I

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don’t have a degree in Business Science. That may or may not be a good thing. I approach scientific method with a healthy degree of skepticism. That’s why I don’t embrace flow charts and diagrams showing how we arrived at our Eureka moments. It would also be a lie. Like sausage making , the creative process is not pretty. After we arrive at a solution, we generally impose order on chaos, organizing our solutions into an elegant narrative. We retrofit our solution to fit with our elegant flow chart. We look for ways to corroborate our findings and we rewrite the brief. If there’s a brief at all. Sometimes it works. Some of the best campaigns I have created have had no basis in research or a planning insight. I just stumbled blindly into them and was fortunate to have people around me who could recognize the merit in an idea. It turns out I am not alone in my skepticism about science. In fact I find myself in the august company of Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Professor and

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author of,“How Customers Think… “The most limiting aspect of research does not stem from inherent compromise, but from human nature. That is, the person using a method- rather than the

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method itself – most determines both the benefits and problems a method will generate.” Surprise, surprise, the scientific process is as subjective and unreliable as our creative solutions. After all, we’re all human and human perception is subjective. It’s a heady book that makes some compelling arguments. Here’s how he fairly decimates the value of survey research. “Survey research can illuminate consumer’s basic thinking about goods and services and reveal the magnitude of a change in an existing attitude. Nevertheless it won’t generate information about previously missed or new attitudes – both of which interest marketers.” As it turns out, there’s a new and powerful way to understand what customers want: Organic Search. In fact, companies are now using it as part of their product development strategy and since it represents an unfiltered picture of what customers are looking for, it will no doubt reduce our reliance on traditional research.

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